Concave was born out of the inquisitive mind of a child. It all began when he watched an AFL player miss six seemingly easy shots during a crucial game, resulting in the team's loss. He was confused by the player's poor performance and sought advice from his father, a former aeronautical engineer.

To illustrate the difficulty of balancing two convex shapes, the father used an egg and a teaspoon, which represented a ball and a boot, respectively. He showed his son that it was nearly impossible to balance an egg on the back of a convex spoon. However, if the spoon was flipped over, it created a concave shape that could cradle the egg.

The father went on to explain that while the shape of the ball couldn't be reversed, the upper part of the boot could be manipulated to increase the sweet spot and better guide the ball.

This conversation sparked an idea for Concave, a brand focused on improving kicking power and accuracy through innovative design. The brand began as a passion project for three of its founders, who spent years researching and developing the technology. What started as backyard prototypes eventually became patented technology, forming the very foundation of Concave.

The brand's unwavering commitment to improving athletic performance through design innovation has been a driving force behind its success. And it all began with the humble egg and spoon that sparked its creation.



Diversity & Inclusion: We celebrate people from all walks of life. Gender and cultural inclusion are paramount to Concave and can be seen in our gender diverse and First Nations ambassadors, and our indigenous designs and partnerships.

Disruptive Design: Our patented technology is what sets us apart. We do things our way and we dare to be different.

Authenticity: We practice authenticity in everything we do. We stay true to our brands identity and will not allow social pressures to change us.

The Underdog: We are proud to represent the underdogs and champion the renegades.


We are a confident and daring brand that is unafraid to stand out from the crowd in our pursuit of helping players perform at their best and reach their goals. At Concave, we take great pride in our approachable and accessible nature, and we are continuously striving to strengthen our relationships with consumers and retailers alike.