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Concave Halo + v2 FG - Cyan/Black

Concave Halo + v2 FG - Cyan/Black

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Ignite your performance with the 2023 Halo + Speed Series boots – engineered to redefine speed, grip, and precision on the field. This addition to the Halo Series boasts a lightweight, engineered maze material designed for lightning-fast maneuvers, making it the perfect choice for NFL, rugby, soccer, or football players seeking that fast advantage.

Ultimate Speed and Textured Grip: Experience rapid acceleration with the lightweight, engineered maze upper that enhances your agility and speed. The raised texturized surface ensures exceptional grip on the ball, giving you unmatched control during critical plays.

Unparalleled Comfort: Just like the Halo + Pro Series, the Halo + features a neoprene inner lining that delivers lasting comfort, ensuring you stay focused on your game.

Innovative Soleplate for Dominance: The redesigned soleplate remains a game-changer with dual anti-torsion bars and a hybrid stud pattern that ensures maximum grip on firm ground surfaces. A redesigned upper shape now accommodates more various foot shapes, while ensuring you'll have a snug fit that enhances your confidence.

AccuStrike Railing System (ARS): The patented ARS technology is your secret weapon for precision and accuracy. Let the ARS guide the ball with finesse for controlled strikes, complementing the textured grip of the upper.

Elevate your performance with the 2023 Halo + Speed Series – your ultimate choice for NFL, rugby, soccer, and football boots that empower you to dominate with speed and precision.

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