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Concave Tatau + Pro v1 FG - Tatau

Concave Tatau + Pro v1 FG - Tatau

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The Concave Tatau is designed to celebrate all Polynesian cultures, from which the word Tattoo (Tatau) originates. The people who inhabit these Polynesian islands share many similar traits including language, culture and beliefs. Despite Polynesian languages varying slightly from one another, the similarities reflect the deepest core of all Polynesian cultures, the belief that the ocean guarantees life.

The boot displays various Tatau symbols synonymous with Polynesian culture; spearheads, shark teeth and the ocean are depicted on the boot, representing warrior nature, spirits and life.

Introducing the Concave Tatau + Pro v1 FG, taking comfort to a new level. Featuring an A-grade kangaroo leather upper with stitching across the boot to give you that lock down you need and a neoprene inner for ultimate comfort.

The soleplate has also been completely revamped, featuring dual anti-torsion bars and a hybrid stud configuration for ultimate grip and traction on firm ground surfaces, with increased width to help fit more feet.

The patented AccuStrike Railing System (ARS) technology increases the kicking sweet spot and improves accuracy by guiding the ball as it wraps around the foot on impact.

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