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Concave Volt Spark v1 FG - White/Yellow

Concave Volt Spark v1 FG - White/Yellow

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Ballers, you have spoken and we have listened; introducing our next generation Volt Spark Series boot.

Concave's minimalistic, lightweight Volt Spark boot has been meticulously created from the finest materials. Our one piece upper material is made up from thermo-fused engineered materials, consisting of several layers of high end soft touch synthetics, contributing to optimum comfort and durability. The side wings based at the rear of the boot on both lateral and medial sides, in conjunction with a nylon heel counter, provide superior stability that will keep you on the ground.

With speed at the forefront of our next generation Volt Spark boot, this is by far the most excitable and quickest boot ever created by our brand. Our 8/4 stud configuration provides quick, stabilised, ground control contact, with an accelerated traction stud pattern to tear up the ground as quickly as possible. The stud placement and shapes formed help contribute to optimum rotational movement in the forefoot medial section as well as in the heel area of the soleplate.

Equipped with Concave's patented Pro Strike Technology, assisting you with a cleaner strike zone.
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